ЧПУ волокна з лазерним різанням 500 Вт 700 Вт 1000 Вт 2000 Вт 3000 Вт м'яка / нержавіюча / вуглецева сталь

Машина лазерного різання волокон з ЧПУ 500w 700w 1000w 2000w 3000w 3000w легка / нержавіюча / вуглецева сталь

accurl high photo-electric conversion efficiency can be up to about 30%. So the machine runs with very low power consumption.
Assisted with laser beams of good quality, the focus spot is small, and the cutting seam is very fine.
The working efficiency is high, and the quality is good by using double-clad fiber (DCF).
The light spot enjoys good quality. And the machine distorts just slightly. Besides, work pieces have even cutting seams.
The completely enclosed light path is totally composed of fiber laser and fiber laser units.
Fiber laser and fiber laser units are combined together based on cable splicing technology. And the whole light path is enclosed in fiber laser waveguide.
No need of mirrors in laser generator. No working gas in laser generator. And no need to maintain laser generator when the machine runs.
Fiber optic transmission requires no need of reflector mirrors. The machine saves maintenance costs greatly.
The efficiency is very stable and reliable by adopting the diode pump laser module.
It’s quite convenient to operate and maintain the machine. No need to adjust the light path with fiber-optic transmission system.
With the very long working life, key units can work one hundred thousand hours without maintenance.

Технічні параметри

 Equipment name       Машина лазерного різання волокна
 Модель JBT-500W JBT-800W JBT-1000W JBT-2000WJBT-3000WJBT-6000W
 Лазерна потужність      500 Вт800 Вт 1000 Вт2000Вт 3000 Вт6000W
 Max. cutting thickness SS ≤3mmSS ≤3.5mm SS ≤5mm SS ≤8mmSS ≤10mmSS ≤16mm
 CS ≤6mmCS ≤8mm CS ≤10mmCS ≤16mmCS ≤20mmCS ≤25mm
 Макс. швидкість переміщення     80м / хв   120м / хв   120м / хв
 Точність позиціонування ± 0,03мм / м
 Repeat Positioning ± 0,02мм / м
Робочий стіл3000x1500mm, 4000x1500mm, 4000x2000mm,

6000x1500mm, 6000x2000mm, 8000x2000mm, 10000x2000mm, etc

Система управлінняCNC - International professional metal laser cutting machine dedicated software
Лазерна ріжуча головкаOriginal imported from Sweden
Supported formatPLT, DXF, BMP, AI, DST, DWG тощо.
Cooling TypeВодяне охолодження

Machine Debugging

1. Adopts moving gantry structure, imported high-precision linear guide, smooth transmission, high-precision.

2. With the moving beam as a whole welded structure, machine bed is tough after annealing, and then the vibration aging treatment, can completely eliminate the stress of welding and machining, good rigidity, high accuracy can be maintained for a long time does not deform.

3. X, Y, Z axes are imported from Japan servo motor, high-precision, high- speed, high-torque, high inertia, stable performance and durable. Ensure the machine's high speed and acceleration.

4. Using many laser cutting control special function modules, powerful, human machine interface, easy to operate based on the Windows operating system, fiber laser cutting machine CNC system integrated.

5. Independent research and development of personalized nesting software, CNC cutting machine to achieve " full-time cutting, efficient cutting and high nesting rate cut " core technology is the fundamental guarantee of effective material savings, improve cutting efficiency.

6. Cutting fiber laser head selection Switzerland Raytools produced special cutting head, and capacitive sensing, induction of high precision and responsive, the most stable and reliable performance.

7. Imported high precision electronic control proportional valve, precise control of the cutting auxiliary gas pressure, in order to achieve the best cutting results.

Machine Application

CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 500w 700w 1000w 2000w 3000w Mild / Stainless / Carbon Steel - Extensive Use:

Kitchen appliance, Mechanical equipment, Electrical equipment, Lighting hardware, Advertising signs, Auto parts, Display equipment, All kinds of metal products, Sheet metal processing etc industry.

Швидкі подробиці

Застосування: лазерне різання
Умова: Нова
Тип лазера: волоконно-лазерний
Applicable Material: Acrylic, Crytal, MDF, Metal
Товщина різання: 0-30мм
Cutting Area: 10000x2000mm
Cutting Speed: 80-120m/min
ЧПУ чи ні: Так
Режим охолодження: водяне охолодження
Програмне забезпечення для управління: Cypcut
Підтримується графічний формат: AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
Сертифікація: CE, ISO, SGS
Післяпродажне обслуговування: Інженери доступні для обслуговування машин за кордоном
Product name: CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Mild / Stainless / Carbon Steel
Keyword: Fiber laser cutting machine
Electrical System: ABB (SWEDEN)
Gas proportional valve: SMC(Japan)
Laser Source: IPG
Function: Metal Cutting Machiens
Тип: Лазерне різання волокон
Repostion Accuracy: 0.02mm
Position Accuracy: 0.03mm
Max.Moving Speed: 120m/min


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